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Fishing Village in Crete



is a former fishing village on the north coast of Crete at the eastern edge of the governmental district of Rethymnon. It lies at the western flank of a small bay with several sandy beaches, which is framed by mountains.
It is reported from old times that the village formerly had a different name. They say that during the era of the Turkish occupation, a Bey fell in love with the beauty of the fishing village and changed it's name into "Bali" because he also was a very well-read man, and lover of South Sea novels.
It is not anymore possible to verify whether the report is true or whether it is just a fairy anecdote.
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But the idyllic location was anyway reason enough to build some smaller hotels and apartment facilities during recent years.
Meanwhile, a rather relaxed type of tourism developed. In the village center and along the main road, one can today find numerous tavernas, bars, supermarkets and other shops.
With respect to the many smaller hotels and private apartment houses, the shops and restaurants on the scene adapted to the needs of individual tourism. Right by the old fishing port there are some tavernas where they serve fresh-caught fish.
The New National Road from Heraklion to Rethymnon passes Bali by the southern village border. This way, the place can easily be reached from the airport of Heraklion by rental car.
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Close to the port there is a small sandy beach, and several watersports as well as diving are on offer. A longer beach is located on the south end of the bay near to the newer hotels and apartment facilities.
As Bali's most beautiful beach ranks however the one which is hidden in a small rocky bay just behind Cape Korakias, which forms the north-western tip of the bay of Bali. From the small port, it can be reached on a windy minor road by rental car, which e.g. Eurocars Rent-a-Car will bring straight to your hotel.
Text by Ingo H. Dietrich
Photos by Holger Nordhoff and Ingo H. Dietrich

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